To inform voters where candidates stand on issues related to aggregate production operations (APOs), quarries, open-pit mining, and similar facilities, and TCEQ’s regulations (or lack thereof), we developed and sent a candidate questionnaire to seven contestants in the upcoming primary elections.

Candidates are asked to answer several questions and state their positions on issues related to the protection of residents and natural resources from the hazards of aggressive expansion and insufficient permitting, monitoring, and supervision of the aggregate industry. Questions cover legislative objectives, and issues of water, air, eminent domain, and TCEQ.

We are covering the following races:

The questionnaire was sent to the following candidates:

Candidates have until January 26 to submit responses, which will then be included verbatim in the results we compile and report on our website, email lists, and social media properties in February. Candidates who do not reply will be marked as “No response received.” Any candidate not receiving a questionnaire should promptly contact

Preserve Our Hill Country Environment is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization formed to preserve, protect, and restore the land, water, air, wildlife, unique features, and quality of life in the Texas Hill Country from the aggressive and insufficiently regulated expansion of the aggregate industry.

2022 Elections