Preparing for the Contested Case Hearing

Resources and tools to prepare your contested case hearing request, review your legal options, attend upcoming workshops, and continue the fight against the proposed Comal County Vulcan quarry.

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Concrete Ready-Mix Batch Plant

Concrete Plant Proposed in Spring Branch

TCEQ is holding a public meeting on October 1, 2018 to discuss the permit application by Tex-Mix Partners to set up a concrete plant in Spring Branch near US Highway 281 and Rebecca Creek Road (between FM 306 and FM 311).

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View of Hill Country in Comal County, Texas

Texas Hill Country at Risk from Aggregate Mining

The unique natural resources of the Texas Hill Country are at increasing risk from aggressive expansion by aggregate mining companies proposing numerous rock quarries and cement plants throughout the region.

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Comal Independent School District

Comal ISD Board Commits to Contested Case Hearing

In a 7-0 vote on June 26, Comal ISD Board of Trustees approved a resolution supporting area residents, echoing their concerns about the proposed Vulcan quarry, and directing the school administration to file for a contested case hearing.

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Bulverde, Texas (Comal County)

Bulverde Passes Strong Resolution Opposing Vulcan Quarry

On June 12, Bulverde passed a resolution opposing the Comal County Vulcan quarry, stating its intention to directly request a contested case hearing, and submitting to TCEQ formal recommendations for tighter permit restrictions.

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Evidence of County Governments being Granted Affected Party Status by TCEQ

Haag, County Still Neglecting Effective Tool in Quarry Fight

Comal County possesses an effective tool: requesting a contested case hearing as an affected party. When will commissioners stop siding with an out-of-state corporation and begin using this tool to support the citizens they were elected to represent?

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Gravel and Rock-Crushing Quarry

Update on Proposed Comal County Vulcan Quarry

Latest developments and news updates related to the proposed quarry between Bulverde and New Braunfels, Texas. Continued weakness from Comal County Commissioners Court, what’s happening next, and how you can help.

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Comal County Commissioners Fail to Support Constituents in Quarry Fight

Commissioners Court once again let down citizens of Comal County by failing to pass a meaningful, effective resolution in response to the proposed Vulcan quarry. By passing a weak, ineffective resolution, commissioners continue to fail citizens they were elected to represent.

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Comal County Courthouse

Open Letter to Comal County Commissioners

A properly written resolution should request a Contested Case Hearing on TCEQ air quality permit application number 147392L001, and remind TCEQ that they are required to “give maximum consideration to local government’s recommendations.”

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Over 500 Comal County Citizens Show Up Against Vulcan Quarry at TCEQ Public Meeting in New Braunfels

Over 500 Comal County Citizens Show Up Against Vulcan Quarry

Comal County residents turned out in large numbers at Tuesday night’s TCEQ Public Meeting in New Braunfels. Dozens of citizens spoke out against Vulcan and urged TCEQ commissioners to deny the pending permit application for the planned quarry between Bulverde and New Braunfels.

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Gravel and Rock-Crushing Quarry

Comal County Homeowners to Speak Out Against Proposed Quarry at February 27 Meeting

Comal County residents are turning out to an official public meeting this coming Tuesday in New Braunfels to confront plans by Vulcan Materials to build a massive limestone quarry in their beloved Hill Country community.

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Woman speaking at public meeting

Preparing Your Formal Comments

Tips and recommendations for preparing an effective three-minute speech during the Formal Comment Period of the upcoming TCEQ Public Meeting in New Braunfels.

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New Braunfels Civic Convention Center

TCEQ Public Meeting Survival Guide

Whether you’re planning on attending your first or your one-hundredth TCEQ public meeting, it’s helpful to keep a few things in mind. Check out this helpful guide for tips on before, during, and after the public meeting.

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Spring Branch, in Comal County, Texas

Spring Branch Passes Resolution Opposing Vulcan Quarry

On Tuesday, February 13, the City of Spring Branch passed a resolution formally opposing the planned Vulcan quarry, imploring Comal County legislators to address citizens’ concerns, and urging TCEQ to conduct a contested case hearing.

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Speaking at a public meeting. TCEQ public meeting scheduled in New Braunfels for proposed Vulcan Comal quarry.

Public Advocacy Training Sessions

We’ve scheduled several short, informative training and practice sessions to help us all prepare for the upcoming TCEQ public meeting concerning the Vulcan Comal quarry—and advocate for our families and the Hill Country at future meetings as well.

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An aerial view of the Vulcan Materials gravel quarry, very similar to the proposed Comal County Vulcan quarry

TCEQ Public Meeting Set for February 27

TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) is holding a public meeting in New Braunfels on Tuesday, February 27, to discuss the air quality permit application filed by Vulcan Materials to set up a 1500-acre quarry in Comal County.

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