November 20, 2019

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

We need a big show of force in Austin next week. Let’s make sure the three TCEQ commissioners know not to mess with Comal County!

The proposed Comal County Vulcan quarry has been placed on the agenda for the TCEQ Commissioners’ meeting on Wednesday, November 20. The pending Vulcan air quality permit is the first item—and our portion of the meeting will likely be fairly quick. Our attorney will speak during our short time allotment. Citizens will not speak at this meeting, but we encourage everyone to register for the record (registration for the agenda begins at 8:45 am and continues until 9:30 am).

At this meeting, TCEQ commissioners will consider the proposed decision recommended in September by the SOAH administrative law judges. The TCEQ commission may choose to agree or disagree with the SOAH recommendation. They may render a decision at this meeting or may delay the decision until a future date.

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TCEQ Commissioners Grant Hearing on Vulcan Quarry (December 12, 2018)