Urgent Call to Action: Joint Committee Needed

Communities across our state are suffering the consequences of the out-of-control aggregate industry in Texas. Real protection for citizens and our natural resources must happen at the legislative level.

To that end, State Representative Terry Wilson (Marble Falls) has formally requested the creation of a joint committee to study the issues related to quarries and APOs in Texas and to develop policy approaches to minimize the negative impacts of the industry. House leadership supports such a committee, but pressure is now needed to bring the Senate aboard.

We need your help!

Contact Key Senators

As soon as possible, please write 📬 email 📧 and/or call 📱 the nine key senators below. Urge them to encourage Lieutenant Governor Patrick to support the creation of a Joint Committee on Issues Related to APOs. Handwritten letters have the greatest impact, but if you just have time to email or call, we understand. Ideally, do all three! (Also, if you have friends or relatives living in any districts below, reach out to them: their voices as constituents may be even more powerful.) Feel free to use our sample email template and forward this email to any other interested citizens.

Senator Donna Campbell (New Braunfels)
(512) 463-0125

Senator Judith Zaffirini (Laredo)
(512) 463-0121

Senator Brian Birdwell (Granbury)
(512) 463-0122

Senator Dawn Buckingham (Lakeway)
(254) 939-3854

Senator Eddie Lucio (Brownsville)
(512) 463-0127

Senator Kirk Watson (Austin)
(512) 463-0114

Senator Borris Miles (Houston)
(512) 463-0113

Senator Paul Bettencourt (Houston)
(512) 463-0107

Senator Lois Kolkhorst (Brenham)
(512) 463-0118

Sample Email
Texas State Capitol

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