Over 200 neighbors have donated and together raised over $22,000—22 percent of our goal!

We are grateful for your generous support to protect our families and preserve our beautiful Hill Country!

Carolyn & John Abshier
Katheryn Acklen
Frank & Heather Agraz
Lea Anzalotta
Jim & Laura Applegate
Cindy Ayers
Lauri Azzaro

Kathleen Banse
Frank Baker
Cliff Barr
Martha & Arnold Barrett
Geri & Randy Becker
Jo Anna Been
Steven Bernal
Gary Bird
Alice Boettger
Izzy Bond
Toy & Pat Brand
Bremer Ranch
Pierce Broach
Bill Burton

Micah & Rachel Cannon
Windell Cannon
Jeff & Alison Capell
John Chance
Stephen Chontos
William Cobb
Hope Combest
Elaine Conner
Becky Cox
Timothy Cox
Danelle Crowley

Ron Davis
Donna Dell
Jim & Nancy Demel
Bridgette Deyer
Kathy Disney
Dennis & Patricia Dominick
Leon Dominick
Kevin & Missy Drake
David Drewa
Ben & Dianna Elbel

Rick & Susan Elftmann
Don & Linda Everingham

Judith Feldmeier
John Fellabaum
Jeanne Fletcher-Nebergall
Jeanne & Steve Fraga
Ron & Belinda Frisk
Fox Consulting Fuchs
Jack Fuller

Sam & Connie Gaines
Charles & Shirley Gerdes
Mr. & Mrs. R. P. Gibson
Thomas Gidley
Homer & Sandy Gilbert
Steven Gouge
Dennis & Rhonda Gourley
Vicky Graves
Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance
Millann Guckian
Pru Guckian
Guckian Family Trust

Kleo & Sara Halm
Katheryn Hammack
Mr. & Mrs. D. H. Harrell
Ed Harris
Doug Harrison
Ruby Hartmann
Tom & Judy Harwell
Mike Hazel
Karen Heller
Glenn Herman
P. Otis Hibler
Pamela Hibler
Kenneth Higby
Chris Hopmann
Elka Hortoland
Sabrina Houser-Amaya

Elante Investments
Steven Izzat

Liz James
Mary Jenkins
Steve & Jane Johnson

Richard & Joyce Keady
Terry Kempe
Lori Kendall
Stephen & Sheila Kiernan
Rex Klaurens
Rick & Susan Krawietz
Wayne Kyrish

Lisa Landford
Daniel LaRoe
C. Bruce Lee
Sandra Lewis
Susan & Charles Logue
Michael & Charlene Lowe

Albert Martin
Linda Martin
Brian Mather
Theresa Matthews
Lynn Mays
Sheryl Mays
Jessica McAnelly
David McCallum
Francine McCrae
Meredith McGuire
Merrellyn McMillen
Dan Meneilly
Jane Miller
Julie & Larry Miller
Shelley Minus
Linda Mohr
Stacy Morrison
Mountain Springs Ranch POA
Mychal Murray

Wesley Nelson

Deborah Ohlrich
Jack Olivier
Nathan & Kira Olson
Terry Olson
Chris Ortiz

David Perelstein
Ben Pfeiffer
Phantom Riders Choppers
Jean Philips
Stephen & Lee Price

Laura & Randy Quisenberry

Aubrey Rahn
Susan & Keith Randolph
Joan D. Reeh
Allyson Remak
Tim Resler
John & Phyllis Ritter
Michael Roberts
Tanya Robledo
Bob & Kim Rogerson
Stephen Rupp

Rich & Nancy Schmeisser
Kathleen Schultz
Gary Scott
Pam & Dennis Seay
Carolyn Sexton
Lynn Shauster
Carolyn Shelton
Robbi Shipley
Kaci Sisk
Steve Smith
Donald Garth Stackhouse
Trent & Karla Stewart
Holly Stojanik
Carolyn Sullivan
Helgard Suhr-Hollis

Terrance & Tamara Thomas

Robert Unfried

James Van Geffen
Walter Vestal

Margie & Daryl Waldrop
Jim Whitmore

Mike Ybarra
Dawn Yearicks

Mike Zimmerman
Sharon & Gred Zimmerman
Steve Zimmerman

(If you contributed and don’t see your name listed above, our apologies. Please let us know and we’ll make sure you are recognized. Thanks!)

We also appreciate the contributions of many donors who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Join the Cause!

If you haven’t yet contributed, we need all hands on deck! We are an all-volunteer group of neighbors banding together to protect our families and the beautiful Hill Country. But fighting a huge corporation like Vulcan requires legal and scientific expertise. Help fund legal representation by making a contribution. As of May 10, we have raised 22 percent of our total goal. To meet our goal, we need 400 more donations of $200 each—but smaller amounts are welcome too!

Donate Now

Contributions can also be made by check. Please make your check payable to and mail to: Stop 3009 Vulcan Quarry, P. O. Box 310431, New Braunfels, TX 78131.